There are classic car fans of all shapes and sizes. Some seek out only pick-ups or brand make-specific vehicles. Others look for long-term restoration projects and others want to add a modern twist to a classic style. Among the many groups of collectors there are also those that seek out matching number classic cars. Matching […]

Summer vacations in the family RV are as much of an American tradition as cheeseburgers and the 4th of July. And just as savvy buyers can save a boatload when purchasing a used car, smart outdoorsmen and women can save a great deal by purchasing a used RV. However, there are always a few important […]

Buying sight unseen is scary, look for these tools to help you

Now that warmer weather is settling in across the United States, people everywhere are rekindling their love affairs with two-wheeled travel. Much like classic car fans, spring is also a perfect time for motorcycle enthusiasts to upgrade their current bikes or possibly add another to their collection. But before you go out and snatch up […]

Shipping heavy machinery is a big job – literally. When you’re dealing with power plants and components that weigh hundreds, if not thousands, of pounds traditional shipping over any long distance can prove exceptionally challenging. Throw in the additional requirements of international shipping and it’s perfectly understandable that some buyers or sellers would simply throw […]

The secondary market for antique and collector firearms is enormous. Tens of thousands of items are sold on a regular basis accounting for tens of millions of dollars. Unfortunately, anytime there is that much money at stake there are those who attempt to pass off reproduction or doctored everyday firearms as rare, one-of-a-kind finds. If […]

In the Midwest it’s no real secret that the winter season can be brutally cold. While it can be task enough winterizing your home for strong, northerly winds and snow you also need to pay some close attention to how you prepare your classic cars for the winter season. Although we’re already in the heart […]

If you’ve ever purchased a home – or even looked into the process behind purchasing a home – you’ve probably seen the term ‘escrow’ quite a bit. In the most basic layman’s terms, an escrow account is simply a bank account overseen by a neutral third party; usually associated with high-value purchases. But escrow accounts […]

Happy Holidays, PaySAFE fans! The last two months of each year we all take a step back and enjoy the time we have with friends and family. It’s also a time of year that involves the largest uptick in shopping for many families as we purchase tasty treats and gifts for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, Christmas […]

The internet is bringing together cattle buyers and sellers from across the country and the globe as well.  No longer is your distribution network limited by your local sales barn or the state fair. Producers as demanding high pricing for the cattle that meet higher standards of genetics or quality.  Buyers also want to purchase […]