Monthly Archives: October 2012

Prevent fraud when buying a car online

When buying an automobile online or through a classified ad in a newspaper, fraud is a real threat, as many well-meaning buyers all-too-often fall victim to scammers. This being the case, it’s important to take the proper measures to protect yourself. The following tips will help you make sure you avoid fraudulent transactions. For starters, […]

Avoid being a victim of online escrow fraud

At PaySAFE, we pride ourselves in providing a safe, secure and easy-to-use escrow service. Unfortunately, there are scammers out there who will try to take advantage of unsuspecting victims, no matter the online medium. And, as with other types of online fraud, escrow fraud is a real threat. When attempting to buy or sell goods or […]

Risks and rewards of buying construction equipment on the internet

Every day, people buy construction equipment and agricultural implements online through classified websites and other similar outlets. This has many benefits, since shopping online allows you to search outside of your region, giving you more options to find the best possible deal. However, despite the rewards, there are also risks involved when making a substantial […]

A safe way to buy personal goods on eBay and Craigslist

There’s always risk involved when buying goods from websites like eBay and Craigslist. The fear of most buyers is rooted in the fact that they are buying something, oftentimes expensive, from a complete stranger. Essentially trust becomes one of the biggest issues in completing the transaction. That’s where using PaySAFE comes in. A safe and easy […]

Risk-free software development with PaySAFE

As an independent software vendor or developer, there’s always the risk that you won’t get paid for your hard work. The circumstances behind this are many, but it usually comes down to one of a few things — lack of trust, funds and/or transparency between you and your customer. You can avoid these situations with […]

For safety’s sake: Buying a domain name with PaySAFE

There can be a lot of uncertainties when buying a domain name online. That’s why using PaySAFE as a trusted third party escrow service gives you peace of mind that the transaction will be completed only upon the approval of both buyer and seller. In other words, PaySAFE ensures the buyer’s name will be registered with the […]

Buying and selling: DIY afterthoughts

When buying or selling a car, boat or RV, there’s a lot of paperwork you need to gather, complete and exchange before the sale is finalized (as we broke down in our DIY guide). However, even after everything is signed and closed legally, there are often afterthoughts that can occur, throwing a wrench in a transaction that otherwise would […]

DIY Guide to Vehicle Paperwork

When buying or selling a car, boat or RV, there’s a lot of paperwork you need to gather, complete and exchange before the sale is finalized. Naturally, this can be quite the headache, so we’ve put together this DIY Guide to Paperwork to help you make sure everything’s signed and in order, ensuring the deal […]

Using PaySAFE as a commissioned artist

Just like when exchanging other types of goods and services, artists often feel they’re at the mercy of the buyer when it comes to receiving a full, timely payment for their hard work. Oftentimes, as is the nature of creative work, the exact specifications of what the buyer expects of a commissioned piece doesn’t always […]