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Safely buying collectibles online

From Golden Age comic books to limited-edition stamps and rare Marilyn Monroe memorabilia, the world of collectibles is huge and incredibly diverse. Populated of both people who consider themselves casual collectors all the way to obsessive fans, the market for collectibles sees millions of dollars exchange hands each year. And that’s just in the United […]

Safely trade sports cards and memorabilia with PaySAFE

There’s undoubtedly a huge market for buying and selling sports cards and memorabilia. And, like other markets where there’s money to be had, there are scammers lurking about claiming to sell authentic items that are actually fakes. Naturally, this is one of the major concerns a buyer has when making a purchase. Even reputable auction […]

6 things to consider when buying a classic car from a dealer

You have many options when purchasing a classic car. There are likely several local dealers whose lots you can browse. However, unless you have an intricate knowledge of cars and/or personally know someone at the dealership, you’re going to have to work very hard to get the best price. Alternatively, there are many options for […]

Go places by joining a car club

Joining a car club offers many benefits. Aside from meeting new people who share your enthusiasm for autos, car clubs give you a chance to attend and participate in a variety of events. From car shows to auctions to brunch cruises, there’s plenty of fun to be had for the entire family. If you’re unsure whether […]

Get involved with a local car club

Immersing yourself in classic car culture is a far less daunting task than you might think. One aspect of it that’s fun and rewarding is joining one (or two) of your many local car clubs. Here, you’ll be able to show off your classic car among fellow enthusiasts, drawing from communal knowledge and experience, furthering […]

Finding your first classic car

If you’ve shown interest for any sort of car — from an antique Model A to a classic Mustang to a new Corvette — there’s a nearby club of dedicated fans waiting to share their enthusiasm with you. However, many people only explore their love for cars from a bystander’s position, likely because they think […]

Natural disasters attract scammers and frauds

It’s sad but true: Natural disasters bring about all types of scams, schemes and frauds designed to take advantage of people in need and those wanting to offer help. Whether it’s a high-pressure sales pitch from a fly-by-night contractor or a “charity” asking for a small contribution for relief efforts via a cold call, the types […]

Beware fly-by-night contractors during natural disasters

Many homeowners must deal with the damage and cleanup following a natural disaster. So-called “fly-by-night” contractors often use these trying times as the perfect opportunity to take advantage of distraught homeowners. Appearing in communities right after a disaster occurs, the aim of fly-by-night contractors is profiting from the losses of their unsuspecting customers. They often […]