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Super Bowl Sell Outs

Oh boy! This year the Baltimore Ravens go to battle against the San Francisco 49’ers and no matter what the final score there will be winners and some very sore losers. If the sight of that Jerry Rice autographed football makes you hate 2013,then sell sell sell! And if  your favorite team won, why then buy […]

Now You Deserve a Cool Car

Middle age isn’t a time for being driven…its a time to do the driving. There is no such thing as a midlife crisis and in fact ALL of life is a series of crisis.  But you’re older now and can see life for the adventure it is; you are a warrior.  You’ve worked hard and […]

Right Car, Right Price, Right On!

Whether you are looking to get a good deal on a car purchase or looking to sell fast, spend less time negotiating and more time counting your money.  Know what you have and what its worth by getting a valuation of your sight-unseen goods. You’ll avoid costly surprises and lessen your chances of  becoming a victim […]

Right Item, Right Price

So you’ve finally made the decision on what your next big purchase is going to be. Now comes the research and, most importantly, digging in to how much you should actually pay. A leader in value information, is an online resource for researching and valuing antiques, art and collectibles. WorthPoint empowers the antique and collectible industry by […]

Broker domain names with PaySAFE’s online escrow service

PaySAFE is proud to release a Broker option for domain name brokers facilitating buying and selling of Domain Names. PaySAFE online escrow service created the ability for a Broker to create the transaction details (in step 1)and identify the Buyer and Seller upfront. PaySAFE will then follow the online escrow procedures (see below) to provide […]


You must learn to save first and spend afterwards. -John Poole You deserve nice things and yet paying for these “things” can pose a problem.  Rather than build up credit card debit, save up for your large purchases.  Set a goal and then commit to saving a specific dollar amount or percentage of your income every […]

Geared Up After Car Auction Season?!

January is the North American International Auto Show in Detroit and of course in Scottsdale, Arizona the wonderful world of Barrett-Jackson where you can drool over rows and rows, tents and tents full of rare, and beautiful cars. The Chicago Auto Show follows in February, and the New York International Auto Show closes out the season in April. In addition to these four major U.S. auto shows, there […]

Buying Sunken Treasure…argh!

Rare coins are interesting because their rarity makes them precious and fascinating.  Coins are virtually indestructible, they are easy to store, easier to insure, and rare coins are highly portable commodities that can be easily converted into liquid assets. Here are some hints into successful collecting: Contact auction houses. Find auction houses on the Internet […]

Barn Finds Found OH MY!

Searching for that special, possibly extraordinary car?  You may be looking at eBay, Craigslist, local classifieds OR your search may take you to abandoned garages and backyards for what is called a “Barn Find”.  Checkout this exciting trend in classic auto collecting at, a great place if you’re looking to buy, sell or share a find.  Discovering […]

Taking your business global safely

Taking your business Internationally can bring new opportunities and challenges!  To reduce payment risk of international transactions experts recommend using an Escrow service.  Escrow service is recognized as a viable payment technique to be used for export trade in the third edition of the U.S. Department of Commerce International Trade Association’s 2012 Trade Finance Guide. Simply […]