piggy-bankYou must learn to save first and spend afterwards. -John Poole

You deserve nice things and yet paying for these “things” can pose a problem.  Rather than build up credit card debit, save up for your large purchases.  Set a goal and then commit to saving a specific dollar amount or percentage of your income every pay period; pay yourself first because if you wait to see what’s left over, you’ll be less likely to save.  Arrange for an automatic money transfer from your paycheck to a savings account. If the money is taken out before you cash your check, chances are you won’t spend it.  A brilliant way to do this is through using SmartyPig.  SmartyPig is an online piggy bank for people saving for specific financial goals like a wedding, a vacation, a big screen TV, a home remodeling project, car or home. This online tool puts you in control of your own financial independence by helping you build a save-then-spend mentality. SmartyPig helps you save towards your goals by giving you a high yield interest rate AND the ability to have family and friends help you save towards your goal. When you’ve achieved it you can access it by having it transferred back to your bank, converted to a debit card, or converted to a retail gift card.  Oh the joy! You have finally saved up for that nice “thing” you have always wanted and so now so be sure to use PaySAFE to safely pay out that hard saved money.

PaySAFE® is an online closing table providing buyers and sellers a convenient one-stop location to create, negotiate and close trades with financial protection.  PaySAFE allows two parties to trade merchandise with confidence and peace of mind. The easy to use application creates and closes a transaction securely by:

  • Creating a Purchase agreement
  • Uploading photos and supporting documents
  • Tracking communication
  • Utilizing Escrow service for Financial Security
    • Buyers: Funds are only released once you have received your merchandice as agreed
    • Sellers: Eliminate financial fraud and scams while securing the buyer’s funds upfront

Happy Saving…Happy Spending!


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