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Barn Finds Not in the Barn

Searching for that special, possibly extraordinary car?  Your search may take you to abandoned garages and backyards, forgotten fields and lonely woods. Checkout out H.A.M.B forums a part of great place to visit for hot rods and custom car enthusiast. Finding an old classic car that has slumbered for years, untouched is exciting and fun. If you’re looking to buy, sell or […]

Register that Roadster… it’s an Antique!

States first began issuing special plates for old/collectible cars in the middle of the twentieth century, and by 1985 (when Oklahoma introduced its “Antique” plate) it was possible to obtain this type of plate in all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Antique vehicle registration is a special form of motor vehicle registration for vehicles […]

Ship That Car Safely

As the popularity of buying vehicles online has grown, so has the need for qualified auto transport companies like Mr. Car Shipper.  The car shipping industry has become extremely competitive in the last 5 years to the point that there are many dishonest companies that make promises they simply can’t keep.  Not so with Mr. Car Shipper. They carry […]

Buying Luxury Vehicles From Far Far Away

Searching for a luxury or classic vehicle can seem like an overhelming and scary feat; first finding the right item and then purchasing and receiving the item safety and securely. By using JamesList consumers can search, browse and compare listings placed by car, yacht, watch, jet, helicopter and motorcycle dealers from around the world. JamesList listings come from […]


Doing it Yourself is a big trend in home remodeling but beware of your limitations; some projects may need to be done by a professional. MoneyTalksNews offers advice on six things to consider when determining if your project is a do-it-yourself job or not. 1. Does the project demand extensive knowledge or skill? 2. If I […]

Buying a Car Online Sans the Scam

When it comes time to buy a car, consumers are more empowered than ever thanks in large part to the Internet and its offerings of car reviews, online vehicle history reports, detailed car listings, and more. The Internet has also given scammers a new venue to find auto-buying victims.  There are many advantages to using […]

Auto Fraud Prevention

Because there is no foolproof way to prevent fraud, awareness is the best defense. Buying a car:  Know the car’s market value- Be suspicious of a vehicle priced significantly below market value. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. Obtain a vehicle history report- A vehicle history report can provide useful information, such […]

Don’t Get Conned – Get Smart

The Internet has enabled con artists to deceive more people than ever before. published these statistics related to internet scams and fraud: 1. From 2005 to 2009, internet scam complaints rose from 100,000 per year to nearly 300,000 per year. 2. The monetary loss of scam complaints easily exceeds $300 million per year. 3. Top […]

Making More With What Ya Got

Remodeling is hot right now and heading into spring homeowners are starting remodeling projects to make their homes more functional. Popular reasons include, 1. Creating more space: Doing more with what you already have is important to homeowners today. 2. Customized remodeling:  Homeowners are choosing projects to make their homes more functional  for a modern […]