Ship That Car Safely

As the popularity of buying vehicles online has grown, so has the need for qualified auto transport companies like Mr. Car Shipper.  The car shipping industry has become extremely competitive in the last 5 years to the point that there are many dishonest companies that make promises they simply can’t keep.  Not so with Mr. Car Shipper.

They carry their own cargo insurance that protects YOUR vehicle and communication is their main priority.  You can talk to their staff and drivers throughout the transaction because every customer receives the direct cell phone of their vehicle transportation manager for easy access after hours.  Along with their promise to safely ship your auto, Mr. Car Shipper offers the service of PaySAFE an online closing table providing buyers and sellers a convenient one-stop location to create, negotiate and close trades with financial protection. As a neutral third party, PaySAFE escrow service provides a financially safe and secure way to trade. PaySAFE’s easy-to-use project management dashboard provides both parties with a clear, detailed snapshot of the transaction.

All supporting documents in addition to a full description of the requested goods including all agreed terms of the transaction, a copy of the contract and associated documentation, terms and conditions, inspection period, and shipping arrangements can be downloaded and all information is held as a permanent record of the transaction and can be viewed online by both parties. By including as much information as possible, both parties can assure transparency and in the event of any disputes the information can be referenced. Using Mr. Car Shipper and PaySAFE  leads to better communication, timely delivery of goods, and fewer disputes while promoting both parties’ integrity.


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