Put Your Mind at Ease When Buying “Site Unseen”

The Internet is probably the best place to look if you want to find a used classic car for sale. There are car collector clubs where members can offer vehicles for sale, as well as forums which provide great advice and allow participants to advertise their cars. After scouring the internet for a complete picture of the vehicles out there and the average sale price, you’ll want more than just the good word of the seller that the vehicle you’ve found is what they say it is.

Don’t let your dream vehicle transaction turn into a financial nightmare! One of the easiest ways to minimize your risk as either the buyer or the seller is to utilize a third party payment or escrow service. These types of services allow for maximum security as funds are held in escrow until the vehicle arrives at the seller’s location and all portions of the agreement are reached by both parties involved. It also behooves both parties to share documentation to ensure that the vehicle has a clean title, has been inspected, and doesn’t contain any hidden surprises like flood or frame damage.

Commonly, additional assurances from the seller are shared with the buyer to help put their mind at ease. Items like scanned copies of the Bill of Lading from the shipping company or photos of the vehicle being loaded for transport can help calm nerves. Most importantly, communication and documentation throughout the process will make buying a ‘site unseen’ vehicle a much smoother process.


One comment

  1. Have sold many of cars site unseen have never had a problem if you Handle good and honest car and be honest with people you won’t have a problem remember to be honest check us out

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