Monthly Archives: February 2014

Screening for Qualified Buyers in Your Marketplace

The sheer number of business and personal consumers spending money online is mind boggling. In a business climate where some verticals are seeing greater than 50% of their revenue generated from online sales, how can businesses and online marketplaces even begin to separate the ready and qualified buyers from those who are just window shopping […]

Benefits of Escrow in B2B Transactions

All scales of economies have evolved dramatically over the last two or three decades – especially with the advent of online sales marketplaces and classifieds. As opportunities have opened up for small and mid-sized businesses to become larger players in their respective industries, the old approaches to payment and credit have not evolved at the […]

Why Get a Vehicle Inspection?

Buying or selling a vehicle can be stressful, so why bother adding another step to the process with a vehicle inspection? We all want to assume the best in others, but the sad reality is that there are sellers who attempt to hide known issues with vehicles – especially non-obvious issues – and an inspection […]

How to: Picking a Club Calf or Competition Calf

When it comes to private treaty cattle sales you’re not limited to choices of only beef or dairy, replacement or breeders. Most often associated with state fairs and 4-H, club calves or competition calves are perfect candidates when it comes to private treaty transactions. As buyers are looking to purchase one or two animals with […]

5 Simple Ways to Protect Your Privacy Online

There’s no foolproof way to protect your identity when shopping online, but there are a number of simple steps you can take to ensure that scammers don’t have a field day with your personal information on the web. Change Your Passwords Most businesses that allow internet access for their employees require that their employees reset […]

The Difference between Actual Cash Value, Stated Value and Agreed Value

When you’re looking to insure your classic car, it’s important to know the differences that exist between the types of valuation insurance companies offer. Depending on condition and the usage of your vehicle you could be greatly under-insured should something befall your four-wheel treasure. Most importantly, you should know the differences between actual cash value, […]