Monthly Archives: May 2014

June Must-See Car Show: The Classic at Pismo Beach

It seems a little hard to believe, but the start of June is right around the corner! Supported by the likes of GEICO, Ford Motor Company, GM Performance and 7-Eleven, our featured June car show has nearly 30 years of tradition wrapped into one event-packed three day weekend. If you love sun, fun, and classic […]

How to Find a Local FFL

When it comes to buying and selling collector or modern firearms, there are some obvious rules that various governing bodies have put into place. One resource can be a major benefit in helping to negotiate those laws if you’re new to collecting firearms or interstate purchases – anyone with a Federal Firearms License, or FFL. […]

Hot Weather Tips for Your Cool Classic Car

Summer is finally here! Time to drop the top and put the pedal to the metal – especially if you’ve had your classic beauty shuttered away in storage for the long winter months. While we covered some important winter car care tips earlier this year, there are some equally important items to consider when temperatures […]

Small Biz Exporting: How Can You Guarantee Payment?

Earlier this year, the Wall Street Journal published a piece exploring The Costs of Expanding Overseas for small businesses. While the centerpiece of this article was highlighting an executive order signed by President Obama to expedite exportation approvals, a couple of interesting stats presented themselves about one quarter of the way through the article: “Businesses […]

Online Marketplaces: The Future of Luxury and High-Dollar Transactions?

Over the past decade as buyers moved online with their everyday purchases, it seemed that luxury and high-value purchases would maintain their residence in the physical world. Purchasers of items like sports cars, livestock, and antiques just didn’t seem to have the taste for online transactions that buyers of slacks and home goods had grown to […]