Online Marketplaces: The Future of Luxury and High-Dollar Transactions?

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOver the past decade as buyers moved online with their everyday purchases, it seemed that luxury and high-value purchases would maintain their residence in the physical world. Purchasers of items like sports cars, livestock, and antiques just didn’t seem to have the taste for online transactions that buyers of slacks and home goods had grown to relish.

Contrary to past trends, recently there has been a surge in online marketplaces dedicated to luxury and high-value sales. While these more expensive items may have had limited exposure in the past through sites like ebay, now there are highly engaged, niche communities that live, eat, and breath the minutia of industry verticals like classic cars, antique firearms, livestock, and luxury goods.

For example, sites like, and have consolidated private treaty livestock sales for those ranchers looking to extend their reach beyond the local auction house. Companies like have compiled listings for classic cars from all over the world. For businesses and manufacturing, has tens of thousands of listings for backhoes, dozers, C&C machines and any other equipment you might need for your growing company. The antique and collectable firearms market has an outlet in for both modern and antique firearms. And, for the discerning big spender, there’s that focuses on luxury homes, sports cars, yachts, private jets and other high-value items.

So, after a slow start, it seems that luxury and high-value items have finally made a move away from the private broker and into the online, person to person marketplaces of the internet. What other sites have you found helpful when you’re looking for more than just consumer electronics and home goods?



  1. RJack · · Reply

    this website is also very helpful when I look for construction equipment: excavators, wheel loaders, dozers…

  2. Thanks for the tip, RJack!

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