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What’s the Total Cost of Your Combine?

Not long ago, we looked at some great ways to start breaking down a fair starting price for used machinery – specifically, agricultural tractors. But if you’re planning to hang onto your purchase for the long haul, how can you determine the true lifetime cost? Some of the factors that we’ll need to incorporate into […]

Simple Fraud Protection for Your Next Vehicle Transaction

Fraud and online scams are an unfortunate element of buying and selling online. In 2011 alone, the Federal Trade Commission estimated that 10.8% of adults in the United States – 25.6 million people – were victims of fraud. That same study found that 40% of those fraud cases originated online or via email. So, with […]

Motorhomes vs. Travel Trailers – Know the Difference

The terms motorhome, RV, camper, travel trailer, and fifth wheel are all often used interchangeably to describe some sort of driven or towed structure used to explore the great outdoors. While everyday slang has somewhat blurred the lines between these words there are definite differences between motorhomes (drivable campers) and travel trailers (campers that need […]

Do I Need a Bill of Sale?

Paperwork is usually the least interesting part of buying or selling property, but from a legal perspective it’s often the most important part of any transaction. We’ve already discussed the importance of a purchase agreement, but a Bill of Sale is something a little different. What is a Bill of Sale Used for? In its […]

July Must-See Car Show: Syracuse Nationals

During the latter half of July, over 80,000 spectators have been regularly gathering on an annual basis to visit our July featured car show. Taking place over three days with dozens of events and thousands are participants, this family-friendly event has quickly become one of the largest and most widely attended car shows on the eastern […]

Protecting Your Finances Online

Mobile and online banking are incredibly convenient. With busy schedules and less time to actually go to your local bank or credit union to deposit checks, get cash, or adjust investments, mobile and online banking can be major time savers. However, just as with the advent of e-commerce, banking via wifi or cell signals from […]

Figuring a Fair Price for Used Ag Equipment

Purchasing used agricultural equipment can be a great way to save some cash while still updating the metal in your equipment shed. Most used ag equipment is also still in solid shape given that the livelihood of any farmer or rancher is greatly dependent upon having reliable, functional equipment. Now that you’ve found that combine […]

Shipping Firearms Accessories

As we’ve discussed in previous postings about firearms, there are numerous restrictions when it comes to shipping antique or collectable firearms in addition to shipping ammunition. But there are a number of accessories and equipment used for various firearms activities and hunting that can be shipped with little to no restriction. Accessories and Gun Parts […]

The True Costs Behind of Letters of Credit

Letters of Credit are a tried and true form of payment for international transactions. Importers and exporters who are completely new to one another, or simply do not have the open credit lines needed, can go to their financial institution of choice and walk out with a certified letter acknowledging that they have the full […]

Buying a Car on Craigslist

Nearly gone are the days when used car buyers and sellers would pick up a copy of the local penny saver and cruise the “for sale” section. In addition to larger online marketplaces like or, buyers and sellers are flocking to Craigslist as the replacement for their local classifieds. While the postings are […]