Monthly Archives: July 2014

How To: Commissioning Artwork

In recent years, commissioned art has made a comeback in a major way due in large part to the internet. No longer are collectors and art enthusiasts limited by their access to only local artists, but collaboration across the country and even around the world happens frequently. But while communication and idea sharing has never […]

Buying Jewelry and Watches Online

Some of the most popular items advertised on sites like ebay and Craigslist are jewelry and watches. Because these items generally have high sticker prices for first-time owners, buying used watches and jewelry online can be a significant cost savings – especially if your tastes are for luxury brands. Because of the high value attached […]

Online Auctions – A First Timers Guide

Once reserved for only the most tech savvy individuals, online auctions have quickly become more user friendly. From robust, image-heavy platforms like ebay to stripped down and simple sites like Craigslist, online auctions and classifieds are more accessible than ever. But like any new skill or experience, if you’re unfamiliar with the landscape it can […]

The Used Car Buyer’s Checklist

We’ve previously discussed some important tips for anyone looking to buy a used car from a private seller, but it never hurts to re-examine a topic. Below we’ve compiled a checklist that any used car buyer should print out and run through prior to exchanging funds. If you’re unable to examine the vehicle in-person, be […]

Top 5 Most Expensive Collector Firearms

Everyone dreams of finding that one-of-a-kind treasure hidden away in their attic or family member’s storage shed. While those types of lucky finds aren’t entirely unheard of, most of the highly sought after collector firearms are well documented and have been sold at one time or another. Just to whet your appetite, we’ve compiled a […]

How To: Importing Machinery and Other Goods

While there is a definite resurgence of manufacturing taking place on U.S. soil, some goods are still better or only gotten by working with foreign companies. If you’re a smaller business that’s managed to ride the slow economic rise over the past year or so, you may be wading into unfamiliar territory if you’re looking […]

BBB Top Ten Scams

Published earlier this year, the Better Business Bureau’s Top Ten Scams of 2013 has been making rounds again recently. For those who may have missed the helpful BBB infographic, we’ve featured it below. Have you ever been approached by someone using the types of scams listed?

How to Tell if a Car Has a Clean Title

There’s always a fair amount of paperwork associated with any vehicle purchase, and we’ve previously discussed the importance of a purchase agreement and how inspections can save you a lot of time and headache. But the most important piece of paperwork that any buyer should check when purchasing a car is the title. A vehicle’s […]