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Purchasing Collector Hunting Rifles: What You Should Know

Ready to step up your game when it comes to your favorite hunting rifle? There are any number of rifles and shotguns that a seasoned hunter can add to their collection that have earned reputations for being exquisite firearms. Krieghoff K-80 – $10,695 Designed to take a lot of punishment, this O/U shotgun in the Cadillac […]

September Must-See Car Show – Charlotte Auto Fair

September’s featured car show has grown so large over its history that the event actually spans four days, two times each year – once in April and again in September. Charlotte Auto Fair – September 18-21, Charlotte, NC Now in its 38th year, the Charlotte Auto Fair has been organized by the Hornets Nest Region since […]

Spotting Craigslist Auto Scams

Unfortunately, auto sale scams on Craigslist are making headlines again, so we felt it was important to revisit some tips on how to spot some of the most common red flags when it comes to Craigslist auto listings. Unusually Low Pricing While this is one of the most common ways of luring in desperate buyers, […]

Why Buy New? The Benefits of the Secondary Market

We all love new things. New car smell. Clothes fresh out of the laundry. Never before lived-in homes. There’s a major rush that we get when something is fresh out of the package and hasn’t been touched since coming off the assembly line. And new things are great, but when it comes to big tickets […]

The Best Used Family Sedans on the Market

Buying a new car isn’t always an option, but that doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice quality or safety in the name of price point. Consumer Reports, which compiles rankings and quality evaluations on everything from cell phones to dishwashers, has compiled a great list of over 20 used mid- and full-sized sedans that have […]

Fraud Alert Map

It’s no big secret that online fraud and scams are running 24/7. Phishing schemes, identity theft, data breaches – all of these phrases have become somewhat commonplace in headlines and news recaps every evening, but did you really know the extent to which online fraud attempts really happen? A company called ThreatMetrix has compiled a […]

Should I Buy or Rent Machinery?

Machinery and construction equipment are expensive. While the U.S. economy has taken a decidedly positive swing in recent months, not all businesses have the type of liquid financial assets or credit availability to purchase new or used machinery outright. Because credit markets are still a little tighter than most would like, a recent trend in […]

After the Auction Closes – Next Steps in Closing Your Transaction

Congratulations! You won your bid on eBay or negotiated a successful price on, or one of the many other consumer marketplaces around the web. Now that you’ve secured your prize, what’s next? Have you decided how to pay the seller? Was shipping part of the deal you negotiated? Closing the auction or negotiating […]

August Must-See Car Show: Monterrey Car Week

If you have a taste for the finer things you won’t want to miss our must-see car show for the month of August. Intentionally limited to only 3,000 attendees, this show features some of the most expensive and highly sought after collector and modern vehicles on the market. Monterrey Car Week – August 11-17 For […]