August Must-See Car Show: Monterrey Car Week

Top_logo-500If you have a taste for the finer things you won’t want to miss our must-see car show for the month of August. Intentionally limited to only 3,000 attendees, this show features some of the most expensive and highly sought after collector and modern vehicles on the market.

Monterrey Car Week – August 11-17
For an entire week, a grouping of perfectly manicured golf courses in Monterrey, California are transformed into some of the most pristine automotive exhibition spaces outside of the Scottsdale Auctions. With collector cars groomed from over 30 car clubs across the U.S., this week-long event boasts nearly 50 events including auctions, scenic rally drives through the Monterrey peninsula, and specialized events focused around specific makes and models. Even with a ticket price of $400, this event is sold out year after year with tickets in high demand from collectors and spectators alike.

Visit Monterrey Car Week’s official website to see more information about all the Monterrey car week eventsparticipating car clubs and rally registration information.


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