Monthly Archives: September 2014

Top New and Pre-Owned Firearms Sold in America

We’ve featured a number of posts about how to buy, sell, and ship firearms in a safe and responsible manner, but in all the advisory copy we’ve written in recent months we haven’t taken a look at some of the lighter topics around buying and selling firearms online. So, today we decided to take a […]

How To Create a Bill of Sale

The paperwork for buying and selling between two private parties can be a hassle, but there’s one piece of paperwork that you can draft up quickly and easily – a bill of sale. Creating a bill of sale is absolutely crucial. Not only do most states require a bill of sale when buying or selling […]

Benefits of Using a Broker

There are very few things that your average Joe can’t accomplish on his own with a little research. The internet has placed infinite resources at our fingertips and opened up massive person-to-person marketplaces for buying and selling anything under the sun. Even still, there are some situations where using a broker can be advantageous for […]

October Must-See Car Show: 24th Annual Falcon Club of America Pacific Regional

Our October must-see car show is a bit specific in its audience, but this show brings together a collection of some of America’s most iconic vehicles. 24th Annual Falcon Club of America Pacific Regional – October 11-13th Focused entirely around one of Ford Motor Company’s most well-recognized and versatile models, participants in this show bring the […]

Alibaba’s IPO – What It Means for Escrow

On Thursday of last week the Alibaba group, a collection of Chinese-owned online marketplaces, opened its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange and quickly set records as the largest IPO in the exchange’s history. While there has been much discussion over the last 12 months or so regarding what Alibaba’s IPO would […]

Top Sites for Buying and Selling Cars Online

There are few items more commonly bought and sold between two private parties than cars. From classic and antique automobiles worth hundreds of thousands of dollars to a first-time driver’s well used Honda, the web has opened up person to person trade for vehicles at an amazing pace. While there are literally tens of thousands […]

Selling Firearms Online – Firearm Estate Sales

Estate sales are an unfortunate situation that many of us will have to face at one point or another. While some of the most common items in estate sales include furniture, appliances, and other household odds and ends, it’s not uncommon for collections of firearms to be included as well. Anyone can toss furniture up […]

Using Escrow to Buy and Sell Livestock Through Websites like

There are few things more traditional in this world than a livestock auction. Ranchers and buyers gather at local or regional auction houses and, literally, trot their stock out for display and bidding. But as with other advances in the last few decades, the digital world has begun to take hold in the world of […]

Top Websites to Buy and Sell Firearms Online

As ecommerce as exploded in popularity over the last decade nearly everything has found a niche retailer or two in the online space. Buying and selling firearms online took a bit longer to gain traction simply due to the nature of the items being sold, but now antique and collector firearms enthusiasts have numerous reputable […]

Using Escrow to Buy and Sell Machinery Through Sites like

As businesses have come out of the Great Recession the demand for quality used equipment and used machinery has grown significantly. Websites like have become a go-to resource for business owners who are looking to buy and sell machinery to a wider audience beyond their local auction houses. These online machinery auction sites bring […]