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4 Common Issues with Used Vehicles

Not everyone is fortunate enough to be able to purchase a brand new vehicle. When shopping for a pre-owned car or truck it’s normal to see some wear and tear, but not every sign of regular use is detrimental to the value of a car. Because many vehicle owners take good care of their cars, […]

3 Holiday Scams to Watch For

We’re now in the heart of the biggest shopping season around the globe. With so much money exchanging hands between so many different people and retailers, it’s easy to see why scammers and fraudsters have also kicked their efforts into high gear. So, with so much activity going on, what should shoppers do to keep […]

Do I Need an Inspection?

We all want to assume that everyone has the best of intentions. Unfortunately, when it comes to buying and selling items online, there are scam artists and fraudsters that try to cash in on people’s trusting nature. The only way to be 100% certain that what is advertised in an online classified or auction is […]

3 Reasons to Buy Your Next Car Online

As you begin to look for your next car it’s important to realize that the perfect vehicle for you may not be at the used car lot down the street, but may be hundreds of miles away. Looking for a car or truck on auction sites like ebay is now one of the most common […]

Protecting Against Financial Fraud Online

Buying and selling online has become one of the most common ways for consumers to secure the items they’re looking for. From cars to firearms, fine art to snowmobiles, online classified websites and auction platforms are no longer the purview of only the most tech savvy users. However, as more and more consumers have moved […]

Tips for Buying a Used Snowmobile

As cold weather starts to settle in across the country, winter sports start to come back to the forefront of outdoor enthusiasts everywhere. One of the most popular winter activities for lovers of the outdoors is snowmobiling. While it’s not uncommon for those new to snowmobiling to rent or borrow snow machines until they gain […]

Winter Weather and Classic Cars: An Unlikely Pair

Classic car lovers in a large portion of the country are often envious of those living in the Sun Belt and California. Not only is the weather in those regions more forgiving to classic cars on the whole, but owners in those parts of the country are often able to drive their sporty classics year […]

Inspection Tips for Buying a Used Revolver

Well maintained handguns can hold their value very well. From rare and one-of-a-kind antique pistols to everyday workhorse revolvers, used handguns often have second, third, and fourth lives after the original owner has moved on. So if you’re in the market for an everyday revolver, what are some of the most common points you should […]

Black Friday & Cyber Monday Scam Watch

Every year hundreds of thousands of people take to the streets and their laptops in hopes of catching the greatest deals of the holiday buying season. Scammers know this as well, and this is the time of year that they hope your everyday shopper will drop their guard when it comes to fraud protection for […]

Top Luxury Items Sold Online

We’ve discussed in previous articles how the secondary market has become such a great place to buy and sell high dollar and luxury items, but what types of items are listed most frequently? Below we’ve compiled a grouping of some of the most commonly bought and sold items through luxury classified listings and auction sites. […]