3 Reasons to Buy Your Next Car Online

???????????????????As you begin to look for your next car it’s important to realize that the perfect vehicle for you may not be at the used car lot down the street, but may be hundreds of miles away. Looking for a car or truck on auction sites like ebay is now one of the most common methods used by used car buyers. So, before you discount online listings in your next vehicle hunt, consider the three reasons below as to why more and more car buyers are moving online.

Online Escrow Protection
The advent of online escrow services has made buying large ticket items online a much more secure process. Online escrow companies can now easily protect buyers by securing purchase funds in an escrow account until there’s proof that the vehicle has been shipped, or has arrived at its final destination. Buyers who use online escrow services can rest easy knowing that their funds will not be transmitted until they give the green light to do so – completely removing the need to share financial information with the second party, or send cashier checks hundreds of miles away with only the hope that the car will be shipped.

Cast a Wide Net
The sheer number of vehicles listed on online classified sites and auction platforms is mind boggling. Even the largest used car lot in your area often has only a fraction of the vehicles listed on ebay at any given time. More choices means buyers have more options, and aren’t limited by simply what’s available at local dealerships.

See The Total Purchase Price
With the exception of any potential shipping arrangements, the cost listed on online classified and auction sites is exactly the cost buyers can expect to pay. No hidden fees, unexpected taxes or financing fees – just the sticker price and nothing more. While buyers can always take extra steps like hiring a third party inspection company like WeGoLook.com, or specialized shipping through companies like uShip.com, online listed prices rarely include any surprise charges.

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