Monthly Archives: December 2014

Most Popular IDPA Pistols

One of the most common reasons that purchasers look buy a firearm is for the purpose of self defense. With the growing popularity and availability of conceal carry licenses, and a desire for home defense in general, defense enthusiasts looked to create a group hobby group of their own to focus on just that – […]

Top 4 Used Trucks for Towing

We’ve covered several topics in this blog on how to ship items properly, and how to safely buy and sell larger items like boats and RVs, but once you’ve locked in the transaction for something like an ATV how are you going to move it around on your own? Because we continually talk about how […]

Tips for Safely Shipping Framed Fine Art

Congratulations, you’ve sold an amazing, framed piece of art! Now that you’ve safely secured payment from the buyer through an online escrow services like PaySAFE, how can you ensure that all of the time and effort you put into your creation isn’t damaged or ruined during shipping? If you pay attention to the tips below, […]

4 Tips for Shipping with a Trailer

We’ve talked a great deal about what you should do when hiring a third party shipping company, but what if your shipping requirements don’t necessarily need a hardcore, shipping professional? There are many situations where a sturdy, reliable trailer can get the job done – especially if the distances are shorter and the weather is […]

3 Tips to Ensure Safe Car Shipping

We’ve previously discussed some of the shipping options when you’re working with a shipping company, but what should you do when vetting a suggested shipping company? How can you tell the legitimate, time-tested shippers from the less reliable, or downright irresponsible, companies that are listed online? The three tips below can help guide you through […]

Online Escrow – Take the Stress Out of Buying & Selling Cars Online

The Internet has made it easy to buy and sell titled vehicles, regardless of what city, state, and even country you live in. However, with the increased convenience and opportunity, there’s also an increase in risk. Scams and fraud are very real concerns when it comes to making any purchase on the web. This risk […]

Identifying Fine Art Flaws and Repairs: UV Light Inspection

The number one fear of any fine art collector is to be stuck with a fake or fraudulent piece. With more and more fine art transactions taking place over the web and across the globe, buyers and sellers are both at greater risk of becoming victims of fraud. In addition to using a third party […]