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Beware the Imitators – 5 Tips to Avoid Online Escrow Scams

At PaySAFE we pride ourselves on providing protection against scams and fraud for our users through online escrow services. But just as there are numerous common online scams that exist in the world of classified ads, there are also some common online escrow fraud schemes. Check out the five tips below so you can be […]

9 Ways to Protect Yourself From Internet Fraud

Purchasing items like vehicles and collectables on the internet can be a great way to save money, but there are a few considerations that keep in mind to help keep your money-saving venture from turning sour. 1. Understand as Much as Possible About the Auction or Purchase Platform Each online purchasing outlet can have slightly […]

How to recognize a flood-damaged car

Here’s fair warning when buying a new or used car after a natural disaster like Hurricane Sandy — hundreds of thousands of cars have been recently submerged or flooded and effectively totaled, yet many of these will end up for sale in car lots and on online marketplaces disguised as undamaged new or used vehicles. […]