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PaySAFE Founder Receives New Company Entrepreneur Award

PaySAFE founder and CEO, Matt Medlock, will be awarded the New Company Entrepreneur Award on April 7th by the Center for Entrepreneurship in the University of Nebraska-Lincoln’s College of Business Administration. The award ceremony takes place during the college’s EntrepreneuringDays@UNL held April 7-9 at the Embassy Suites in Lincoln, Neb. This public event features student […]

PaySAFE Escrow, Inc. and U.S. Commercial Service Sign Strategic Partnership

BELLEVUE, NE – signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the U.S. Commercial Service to increase awareness of the economic benefits of trade in U.S. organizations competing at home and abroad. Joint activities for creating awareness may include seminars, workshops, training sessions and trade shows. “As a trade professional working directly with exporters, I am […]

2015 Scottsdale Auto Auction Recap

Another year has come and gone for the highly anticipated Scottsdale Auto Auctions, and 2015 did not disappoint. While the numbers from last year’s events were amazing, all the data from this year’s auctions shows an increase in every category: more cars sold, higher sales amount for individual lots, and more money made cumulatively across […]

Financial Heartbreak – Beware Valentine’s Day Scams

In past posts, we’ve discussed how certain seasons – the holidays and Black Friday specifically – can be a nightmare when it comes to the prevalence of online scams and fraud. While November and December are obvious months when online shoppers should keep their guard up, in recent years there has been a significant uptick […]

How to Safely Buy and Sell Online

Selling personal and commercial items online is a great way to open up your goods to an enormous audience. Online buyers also have the advantage of shopping through millions of products from the comfort of their couch or office chair. While there is tremendous opportunity for both parties, how can you safely complete a transaction […]

6 Ways to Keep Your Online Passwords Strong

Most of us have multiple online accounts including email, credit cards, online banking, and social networking sites just to name a few. With each site requiring a password, it can be very tempting to simply repeat the same password often, or keep all of your passwords simple, but simple and often repeated passwords can be […]

The 5 Most Common Internet Scams

While scams and fraud via the internet are relatively new when compared to some of the oldest tricks in the book, most online scams tend to take similar forms. Scammers have found a few systems that are the equivalent of “golden oldies” that work more often than not. By reading up on some of the […]

You’ve Been Scammed! What’s Next?

There’s nothing worse than that moment of realization when you know you’ve been taken advantage of. Unfortunately, most of us will likely fall victim to some sort of online scam in our lifetime. Be it an errant click of a pop-up banner or a Craigslist poster selling imaginary goods, scams come in all shapes and […]

Protect Against Fraudulent Checks

Even as more and more businesses are rejecting the option of checks as a form of payment, in 2013 check fraud was still the number one form of fraud according to the National Consumers League. Nearly 25% of all the fraud and scam reports that the NCL received in 2013 were related to check fraud […]

Alibaba’s IPO – What It Means for Escrow

On Thursday of last week the Alibaba group, a collection of Chinese-owned online marketplaces, opened its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange and quickly set records as the largest IPO in the exchange’s history. While there has been much discussion over the last 12 months or so regarding what Alibaba’s IPO would […]