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3 Tips to Ensure Safe Car Shipping

We’ve previously discussed some of the shipping options when you’re working with a shipping company, but what should you do when vetting a suggested shipping company? How can you tell the legitimate, time-tested shippers from the less reliable, or downright irresponsible, companies that are listed online? The three tips below can help guide you through […]

Screening for Qualified Buyers in Your Marketplace

The sheer number of business and personal consumers spending money online is mind boggling. In a business climate where some verticals are seeing greater than 50% of their revenue generated from online sales, how can businesses and online marketplaces even begin to separate the ready and qualified buyers from those who are just window shopping […]

ACH vs. Wire Transfer – What’s the Difference?

When it comes to transferring large sums of money from one account to another there are a number of options. Traditionally, there’s your good ol’ checkbook, but checks can bounce, be rejected for insufficient funds or even be lost outright. Cashiers checks carry many of the same risks as traditional checks in addition to the […]

Commissioned Art is Back

Throughout history, art has been commissioned by individuals and institutions. Some of the world’s greatest masterpieces like the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel were commissioned art projects. Even today, artwork is commissioned for a wide variety of reasons. Perhaps the greater portion of commissioned art is what is called work-for-hire in the language of intellectual property. […]

Risk-free software development with PaySAFE

As an independent software vendor or developer, there’s always the risk that you won’t get paid for your hard work. The circumstances behind this are many, but it usually comes down to one of a few things — lack of trust, funds and/or transparency between you and your customer. You can avoid these situations with […]

Using PaySAFE as a commissioned artist

Just like when exchanging other types of goods and services, artists often feel they’re at the mercy of the buyer when it comes to receiving a full, timely payment for their hard work. Oftentimes, as is the nature of creative work, the exact specifications of what the buyer expects of a commissioned piece doesn’t always […]