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5 key decisions to make before buying a used car sight unseen

Buying sight unseen is scary, look for these tools to help you


Online Transactions: Two Important Steps

Consumers can buy and sell pretty much anything online. Cars, firearms, jewelry, electronics, fine art – all of these items can be found with a simple Google search that will yield results on any number of auction and classified ad sites. Anymore, finding what you want to buy is the easy part – it’s protecting […]

Buying Collectables Online – Know Your Grading

Some of the most popularly bought and sold items on the web are collectables – sports cards, coins, comic books, and many other lesser known pieces. Like any other highly specialized base of knowledge, there are those who spend years learning the intricacies of what separates top grade collectables from their inferior counterparts. While you […]

How to Safely Buy and Sell Online

Selling personal and commercial items online is a great way to open up your goods to an enormous audience. Online buyers also have the advantage of shopping through millions of products from the comfort of their couch or office chair. While there is tremendous opportunity for both parties, how can you safely complete a transaction […]

Do I Need an Inspection?

We all want to assume that everyone has the best of intentions. Unfortunately, when it comes to buying and selling items online, there are scam artists and fraudsters that try to cash in on people’s trusting nature. The only way to be 100% certain that what is advertised in an online classified or auction is […]

Protecting Against Financial Fraud Online

Buying and selling online has become one of the most common ways for consumers to secure the items they’re looking for. From cars to firearms, fine art to snowmobiles, online classified websites and auction platforms are no longer the purview of only the most tech savvy users. However, as more and more consumers have moved […]

Benefits of Using a Broker

There are very few things that your average Joe can’t accomplish on his own with a little research. The internet has placed infinite resources at our fingertips and opened up massive person-to-person marketplaces for buying and selling anything under the sun. Even still, there are some situations where using a broker can be advantageous for […]

Alibaba’s IPO – What It Means for Escrow

On Thursday of last week the Alibaba group, a collection of Chinese-owned online marketplaces, opened its initial public offering on the New York Stock Exchange and quickly set records as the largest IPO in the exchange’s history. While there has been much discussion over the last 12 months or so regarding what Alibaba’s IPO would […]

Using Escrow to Buy and Sell Machinery Through Sites like MachineTools.com

As businesses have come out of the Great Recession the demand for quality used equipment and used machinery has grown significantly. Websites like MachineTools.com have become a go-to resource for business owners who are looking to buy and sell machinery to a wider audience beyond their local auction houses. These online machinery auction sites bring […]

Why Buy New? The Benefits of the Secondary Market

We all love new things. New car smell. Clothes fresh out of the laundry. Never before lived-in homes. There’s a major rush that we get when something is fresh out of the package and hasn’t been touched since coming off the assembly line. And new things are great, but when it comes to big tickets […]